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Cheryl Wozny Legal Services is known and trusted by many high profile firms of solicitors specialising in criminal law within the Greater Manchester area.


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As a solicitor you realize how difficult it can be to make extra demands of your already busy office staff. You need transcriptions done urgently but your secretarial staff are already working flat out. You also need to be sure that your police interviews have been transcribed efficiently and accurately.

The police don’t usually provide more than a summary of the ROTI (Record of Taped Interview), which is not enough for your purposes. This is when you need to obtain a full transcript. Perhaps you suspect that information has been taken out of context, and a transcript will provide a more accurate record of the complete interview.

Our specialist team is able to extract and transcribe from tapes that often contain background noise, prolonged silences, blurred speech and variable tape quality.

We are able to filter out the worst of the background noise, thereby ensuring the accuracy of your transcriptions.
A lot of these recordings are time-stamped and we have the equipment to transcribe both the content and the time-code within the recording.

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