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Cheryl Wozny Legal Services is known and trusted by many high profile firms of solicitors specialising in criminal law within the Greater Manchester area.



Cheryl Wozny Legal Services employ only transcribers that have been carefully vetted and screened by us and all have signed a confidentiality agreement.

We do understand the need for strict confidentiality for every item, project or document that we process. 
We follow the Law Society guidelines for this (Rule 4) in relation to confidentiality.

Rule 4.01 sets out your fundamental duty to keep all clients’ affairs confidential. It is important to bear in mind the distinction between this duty and the concept of law known as legal professional privilege. The duty of confidentiality extends to all confidential information about a client’s affairs, irrespective of the source of the information, subject to the limited exceptions described below. Legal professional privilege protects certain communications between you and your client from being disclosed, even in court. However, not all communications are protected from disclosure and you should, if necessary, refer to an appropriate authority on the law of evidence.

It is a strict condition at Cheryl Wozny Legal Services that any confidential information received concerning the client, its staff, clients, suppliers or others with whom the organisation may trade is not divulged to any third party.

The information contained on the audio recordings or documents received in relation to the client, the identity of the staff members concerned, the identity of the client's clients as well as any matters discussed or raised on the audio tapes (this list is non-exhaustive) is strictly confidential to the client and shall be referred to as “Confidential Information”. 
We will not divulge any of the Confidential Information to any person or company who is not a party to the Confidential Information without the prior written consent of the client unless required to do so by law. If such disclosure is required by law, then we will promptly give notice of such disclosure to the client. 

No use may be made of the Confidential Information, documentation, audio recordings or any other information other than for the purposes of the Services or otherwise as instructed in writing by the client.

We shall make no direct or indirect contact with the client's clients, suppliers or staff in respect of the Services, other than specifically authorised in writing by the client.

We acknowledge that we will be in possession of ‘Personal Data’ as described in the Data Protection Act and we shall comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The obligation of confidentiality shall continue to apply without limit in time after the work has been carried out and /or termination of the contract.

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