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Cheryl Wozny Legal Services is known and trusted by many high profile firms of solicitors specialising in criminal law within the Greater Manchester area.


Court & Prison Attendances

There will be times when you need a Crown Court Clerk to attend on your firm’s behalf. either in court or at a prison. Your own staff may not be available to attend, or it may be difficult to get a representative to Greater Manchester in time.

Again in the climate of fixed fees, we believe there will still be times where an urgent matter arises whereby a fee earner is required to attend at Court to assist with an awkward client or to attend prison to take urgent instructions.  The need may arise where a statement needs to be taken from a witness overnight.

Cheryl Wozny Legal Services can provide you with a representative at short notice and at a massive saving. Whether it is to co-ordinate witnesses or assist counsel, we are highly competent and experienced.

We will provide you with hand written notes and typed attendance notes and documents where required to ensure that your firm complies with contract regulations.

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