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Cheryl Wozny Legal Services is known and trusted by many high profile firms of solicitors specialising in criminal law within the Greater Manchester area.


Covert Recordings

Given the increase in police powers, the use of covert recordings is becoming more important in prosecutions. Transcripts of covert recordings are usually required when there is a dispute between the Defence and Crown as to what has allegedly been said during those covert recordings.

Specialist software allows us to accurately transcribe these recordings. Usually provided by the police on CD, these recordings generally have a great deal of back ground noise so experience in the transcription of these is essential to ensure accuracy. 

We are acutely aware that a sentence of many years in prison for the defendant depends on complete and accurate transcription of these recordings.
We are acutely aware that complete and accurate transcription of these recordings can have far-reaching implications for the outcome of the case and the sentence handed to the defendant.

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