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Cheryl Wozny Legal Services is known and trusted by many high profile firms of solicitors specialising in criminal law within the Greater Manchester area.


Police Station Attendance

Police station attendance is offered by an Accredited Police Station Representative with over 23 years experience in attending police stations within the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

We are experienced in a wide range of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence) interviews, including   murder, rape, and robbery, prevention of terrorist matters, TWOC/TDA, theft and criminal damage.

You will be provided with full police station attendance notes including disclosure and interview notes together with the outcome.

We can provide our own police station attendance form which complies with Franchise, or if you prefer, we are happy to use your own pro forma.

Our representative is available to attend police stations within Greater Manchester should your clients be arrested and require representation, or to attend on VIPER procedures (Video Identification Parade).

Our Police Station Representative is available 24 hours per day and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer an immediate response to most requests.

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