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Video Tapes Transcription

You will no doubt be aware that Part 2 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 contains a range of special measures designed to help young, disabled, vulnerable or intimidated witnesses give their best evidence in criminal proceedings in the Crown Court.

 The special measures to be provided by the courts include:

  • allowing as witnesses' evidence-in-chief a video-recorded interview with the witness
  • allowing as evidence pre-recorded video taped cross-examination

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 extended special measures to the Magistrates Court and Court of Appeal.
In cases where there are video interviews that are served as unused material it is usually essential to have those video transcribed to ensure that all evidence is covered.

Transcribing of Police Video interviews is a highly specialised field. We have been providing solicitors with these video transcripts for over 10 years.

As with PACE transcription we can provide notes in relation to an officer asking inappropriate questions and making suggestions to the interviewee in relation to answers together with any incorrect recapping by the police officer conducting the interview.

Video tapes can be treated for superfluous noise, thereby ensuring the most accurate transcriptions.

We are acutely aware of your need for complete accuracy. We know that these video interviews can form the basis of a statement from a vulnerable witness and will be used in Court against the defendant as evidence.

The security of your tapes is paramount to us and we have secure storage facilities that are accessible only to key staff.

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